WP5: Guidelines to Reduce Shipping Noise Footprint



The last WP is dedicated to the guidelines provided at the end of the project (Deliverable D5.8).

First, a list of possible solutions was established in Deliverable R5.9 describing two types of solutions: the first ones linked to the ship design including propeller and cavitation noise, and the second ones related to operations as shipping control and regulation, e.g speed changes.

The main promising solutions have been assessed in terms of URN reduction (Deliverable D5.3), impact on fuel efficiency (Deliverable D5.5) and impact on marine fauna (Deliverable D5.7).
For instance, to assess masking effects, two scenarios were studied: masking of the communication signal used by male cod during spawning to attract females and detection of a killer whale by a harbour porpoise. For behavioural reactions, thresholds of received levels for potential reaction of the animal have been given.

An additional common guidelines document has also been produced together with the SONIC project (AQUO-SONIC common guidelines).
Its content is enlarged to include all the topics to be addressed when dealing with underwater noise from shipping (such as terminology, measurement issues, noise propagation, noise mapping, etc.).