AQUO is a collaborative research project supported by the European Commission in the scope of the 7th framework program, Grant Agreement N 314227.
The objective is the "Assessment and mitigation of noise impacts of the maritime transport on the marine environment", coordinated topic within the framework of the "Ocean of Tomorrow".


Recent directives outline the need to mitigate underwater noise footprint due to shipping, to prevent negative consequences to marine life.


In that context, the final goal of AQUO project was to provide to policy makers practical guidelines, acceptable by shipyards and ship owners.

The list of solutions was split into solutions regarding ship design (including propeller and cavitation noise), and solutions related to shipping control and regulation. Exploitation of the AQUO project results is expected to have significant impacts, meeting the requirements of the MSFD.


The project is supported by relevant methods and tools, which are used to assess the effectiveness of noise mitigation measures in order to select the most appropriate: